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  • What Kinds Of Landscape Lighting Options Are Available?
    There are 3 types of light fixtures. A standard, integrated, and RGB integrated fixture.
  • How Long Does Landscape Led Lighting Last?
    There is a lifetime warranty on all fixtures. The light for the standard fixture is 5 years. As temperature changes and moisture creeps in, the standard bulb does not have the equipment in place to regulate those temperature changes. The integrated system has a life expectancy of 10 years as it has the systems in place to regulate those temperature changes and protect the light.
  • How Much Power Does An Outdoor Led Light Use?
    This is a low voltage system. A transformer will drop the voltage from 120 volts to 12-15 volts. Each light fixture is around 3-6 amps. Depending on how many lights are needed, it will also determine the output needed for the transformer.
  • How Bright Are Low-Voltage Led Landscape Lights?
    They can be just as bright as halogen or even brighter. We have the ability to choose how many lumens are needed.
  • Can The Lights And/Or Fixtures Be Easily Replaced Or Does An Electrical Contractor Need To Be Scheduled?
    We recommend contacting your lighting experts to resolve any issues and to take care of any replacement parts needed. With our maintenance plan we make sure all your landscape lights are clean and running properly.
  • How Much Does Professionally Installed Landscape Lighting Cost?
    This largely depends on the number of lights and the type of fixtures. We do have a minimum of $2,000. Get in touch with our sales team to find out what the cost would be for you.
  • Do You Install Permanent Lighting Or RGB Color-Changing Eve Lights?
    We do install permanent holiday lights
  • Are Permanent Lights Cost-Effective?
    This is the most cost effective way to go as the lights are installed once and can last you up to 20 years or more.
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