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Top Rated Christmas & Holiday Light Installation In Vancouver, WA and Portland , OR

We have the coolest and latest lighting options available for your next project. Contact our lighting company in Vancouver for Christmas lights installation and more.



Permanent Holiday Lights

If you are crazy about lights and want the ability to customize them to exactly what you want, when you want, all from your phone or laptop,  and have it last over 20 year, then these are the lights for you!!


Landscape Lights

Remember all that work you did to beautify your landscape and then realized you can't enjoy any of it at night?!  Well, we have some awesome solutions for you.

Vancouver lighting

Traditional Holiday Lights

Tis the season for lights so jolly! Become one of our valued yearly customers with a display of lights that are sure to impress! With our 5 year warranty and free storage, we take the stress out of the season!

Brighten Your Space with Our Expert Lighting Company

Evershine Lighting, a leading lighting company in Vancouver, illuminates spaces with innovative designs and energy-efficient solutions. Elevate your surroundings with our premium lighting fixtures, blending style and functionality to create a vibrant ambiance.

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