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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We at Evershine Lighting take the Holiday season very seriously. We make sure every employee has lived, breathed, and loved the holiday season since their childhood. Though it's quite the undertaking to care for so many clients in so little time, our team is excited and ready for the task!

Our Story

Evershine Lighting Story

Locally owned,  Evershine Lighting is a family business that takes pride in making their customers happy by providing high-quality service. Founder and CEO, Kyle Gordon, has had over 10 years of experience in lighting and has enjoyed working alongside his wife, Rachel, as they work hard to make sure each customer is taken care of. 

While attending College in Rexburg, ID, Kyle had a break in school every year from September to January. Finding work for such a short period of time was not easy so he decided to put Christmas lights up for people. Surprised by the demand, the Company has grown into what it is today!

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Darrin             Mandy               Blair                     David     

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